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South Street-apalooza


Philly Cupcake at 1944 South St. The menu includes vegan and gluten-free options that leave out milk and eggs without losing flavor.

I’m on the train heading back to work in Northern Virginia and I can’t help but recall all of the Philly sights, sounds and smells that were everywhere Saturday at Plazapalooza at 23rd and South streets.

I joked that it should have been called Doggie-palooza because every kind of dog was out there. And Torie has NEVER met one that she didn’t have to ask to pet. Every time I heard an “awwww” coming from her I had to guess if it was a baby or a dog that had caught her eye.

Torie and I had a ton of fun playing bean bag toss and a few horrible attempts at playing ping pong. And as promised, we stopped in at Bicycle Therapy on South Street to get her a new helmet to celebrate her learning to ride a bike without training wheels.

But oh the food! First, the obligatory sausage from a cart … then to Igloo for frozen sunshine in a dish. I had THE best dark chocolate hazelnut gelato with hot caramel. Their self-serve offerings were too much for me. Of course the little one was up to the challenge and had some vanilla frozen yogurt topped with Oreo crumbs, Reese’s pieces minis, mini chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. Somehow she finished it all. I must find someplace comparable in Northern Virginia.

We hit Phoebe’s Bar-B-Q to pick up dinner. Monster, monster Fred Flintstone brontosaurus bone beef ribs at this joint. And they have a very tasty dry rub for someone like me who has a tomato allergy and can’t have barbecue sauce.

Here are some pics of the places we went from my phone and other sites.


We were banished from the ping pong table after a she and competitor kept sending the ball flying over the crowd. So we tried our hands at the beanbag toss instead.



Loop, at 1914 South St, was on my to-do list and shall remain there. I found this place back in 2005 after it first opened. Great place for yarn and all of your crocheting and knitting needs. They’re just starting crochet classes too. http://www.loopknits.com/


Inside of Philly Cupcake on South Street. The cupcakes are displayed in vintage pink cabinets from a Victoria’s Secret store. And the artwork in there is tremendous and for sale.


Phoebe’s BBQ at 2214 South St. They have regular discounts are coupons on its website (which I wish I knew beforehand). Great flavor on their dry ribs.


Igloo, at 2223 Grays Ferry, is a frozen treat heaven that actually looks like an igloo. The gelato is spectacular and the toppings are endless. Great place for big and small kids.


Enjoying my $3 sausage ever so much while Torie was begging to go into the ice cream shop.



Torie with her new helmet on at Bicycle Therapy at 2211 South St. Torie: “Can I get a new bike? Can I get a dog? This one wants to come home with me.” Mommy: “No and no. Too bad.”


2 thoughts on “South Street-apalooza

  1. Oh, wow, I was just flipping through the Reader, and recognized the corner of South Street with Philly Cupcake in one of your photos.

    Glad you enjoyed the city, Philadelphia is by far the most under rated city in the country.

    • Thanks so much for the follow. I’m in Philly pretty much every weekend with my daughter. I usually try to do something that’s fun, kid-friendly and not too expensive each visit.

      I used to work near 16th and South and am amazed at how much the area has changed. A lot of new businesses and development. I grew up in Germantown and that part of the city is falling down.

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