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Welcome to the comfort zone


It’s May 1 and BlogHer’s theme this month for NaBloPoMo is “Comfort.”

A good cuddle, warm blankets, stuffed animals, smell of fresh bread, mac-and-cheese, chicken soup or a good cuddle are all things that I — and I’m sure others — find comforting at one time or another. During “certain” times only eating Tootsie Rolls or ice cream with chocolate syrup comforts me.

But overall, being comfortable in my skin has always been very important. When I have an event to go to, I may have what looks like the perfect outfit, but if it’s not comfortable, then I’ll spend too much time being uncomfortable and adjusting this or that item. My priority is usually not the style, but the comfort level.

I choose not to dye my graying hair because I’m more comfortable being natural. And the same with not wearing makeup. Unfortunately, I’m a fingers in my face kind of gal and when I look at my hands and I see foundation under my nails — ICK!! So I just go natural except for some lip balm.

I saw a piece about this level of comfort and the article’s main ideas (honor your body; maintain a healthy, positive mind and maintain a happy, healthy spirit) pretty much sum up what comfort I strive for and wish for all those I love. I’ve talked about taking care of yourself before on this blog and that can never be repeated enough. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else.

I know the importance of breath control and use that as a foundation for my meditation practice. Meditation is truly a worthwhile mental exercise. Being calm and in control of my body helps me to cope when the hard times hit. If you happen to be around me when I’m working and you hear some deep inhalations — that’s a good thing. And when you hear a deep exhalation — that’s an even BETTER thing.

I would like to share one of my “get up and go” songs that I used to listen to before leaving for work used to be Vanessa Williams’ “The Comfort Zone“:

Where do we go 
When there’s a need to be loved 
Like you need to be loved 
Oh, I’ll let you know 
Just what to do and where to go 

Hey welcome to the comfort zone 
When you need to be loved like you need to be loved 
Welcome to the comfort zone 
Do whatever feels right and turns you on 

After a hard day’s work 
There’s one thing to be certain of 
This ol’ familiar love 
It’s not unusual to find that it’s sensual 
It’s all you need to let go 

There’s no need to try 
Or compromise 
Or settle for another outside of my love 
The thing to do 
When you get through 
Heed the message seek the comfort of my zone

So relax, lay back, turn off or tune out the noise around you. Then inhale to a count of  1-2-3-4, then exhale slowly to that count. Even if you’re just sitting at your desk, just try this a couple of times and it can help calm you, comfort you and enjoy the moment.


One thought on “Welcome to the comfort zone

  1. Loved this, Sharyn. And I didn’t know the song before I turned up here, so thanks for introducing me to it. Great post. This is my first visit here, but I know I’ll be back (but not in a weird way!). Oh, and I love the Frasier line. That’s the first time I’ve seen that, and what a fabulous sentiment to get us to leave comments!

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