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Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood


A panorama from the parking lot outside of my apartment complex.

It’s WordPress Daily Post’s Phoneography Challenge and it’s certainly a challenge from my phone.

First all I published was one photo, when I wanted to do narrative and a series of photos. Typing on my iPhone 4S when I’m rushing and getting frustrated doesn’t help my spelling, but autocorrect was a little help. No matter what, I keep typing I’s instead of O’s. Ugh!

Well here’s my neighborhood, Centreville, Va., through my phone camera’s lens.



Part of the winding path near my Centreville, Va., digs. It’s great for walking and running.



We’re right across from a school and then beyond that a couple of strip malls, with a 24-hour IHOP, a market and other restaurants. So there’s activity day and night.


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