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Just glad I’m a parent

A Humvee will just roll over things in order to complete the mission, while protecting its crew. My mission as a Mom is to protect my daughter.


Humvee parent: Ready to roll over rough terrain (challenges) and rescue your child.

Helicopter parent: Pays extremely close attention to your child’s life and tends to be overly involved. Sweeps obstacles out of child’s path or solves problems for child, whether they need them or not.

Lawnmower parent: Removes obstacles from an adult child’s path.


These three terms usually refer to fundamentally the same thing, excessive interference in your child’s life, that ends up being harmful. Well, of course I wish that I could protect my daughter from all of the bad things “out there.”

I thought that the more you could do for your child, the better parent you would be.

Sometimes I would wish that I had superhuman powers to be there for Torie all the time with a Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak and watch over her. But alas, that’s just impossible.

Only Torie can endure the teasing after wearing glasses, heartbreak when someone who is supposed to be a friend turns out not to be or the end of her first crush.

Well, someone called me a Humvee parent recently and knowing what my intentions are for my daughter, I have never set out to obstruct her development.

My pledge: I, Sharyn Lynn Flanagan, will try my best to be wary of any hovering on my part, I’ll use a push mower instead of a ride-on gas model to clear obstacles, and I will deploy my MRAP vehicle only for good and noble missions on behalf of Torie Diana Flanagan.

Now it’s in writing. But I must say that whatever someone calls me, I’m really just glad to be called a parent.


As Frasier Would Say..."I'm listening"

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