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Risky business


“Is it better to take risks or play it safe?”

For the month of March, the BlogHer Web site will focus on risk. I look forward to reading other posts on this because there are valid arguments for both. And I think it depends on the situation.

For me, having my beautiful daughter Torie as a single parent and at what the doctors called “advanced maternal age” was a risk. A wonderful, life-changing and fulfilling risk. The blessings are numerous.

Joining the United States Marine Corps after being quite the spoiled child who was getting horrible grades in college was a risk. Months before enlisting, I could barely run around a city block or swim a short lap in 5 feet of water. But after more than three months in boot camp on Parris Island, S.C., I could run and chant with my unit for 5 miles and jump into the deep end of the pool (with full gear and pack) and swim a lap to the side of the pool. Another amazing risk, when my college administrators gave me the option of working through my coursework. I opted to strengthen myself and building up my discipline in the Corps.

So I see many payoffs from taking risks and as this month continues, I’ll look at when I played it safe too.

Tell me in what ways risk-taking or playing it safe have helped you?



2 thoughts on “Risky business

  1. I agree. Today especially in business most risk allow you to live another day, where unlike if you mortgaged your house betting on a new type of potato chip, that’s risky. And also as you said it depends on what it is as well.

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