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What to do with my weekend?

As I look forward to getting some rest this weekend and not making my usual trek to Philadelphia, I have mixed feelings. With this being the only time I get with my daughter, the weekends are very valuable to me. I usually do an all-nighter after work on Thursday in order to pack and go right on up to see Torie first thing in the morning. Sometimes I get a nap before she gets in from school though, but weekends are absolutely taxing on me — but the joy of being with her just seems worth it.

But as I keep hearing, you have to put your gas mask on first before helping someone else or even putting it on your child first. That is to say: So how can I take care of my child if I don’t take care of myself first? That’s hard — real hard to do. I know that my body can always use the rest, but I have so little time with my daughter that I just can’t be without my “Torie fix.”

So what will I do this weekend? Hmmm?


–Well I know that a few people around me are deep into the flu, so I’ll get my shot, which I can’t remember if I got back in September or not — yikes. And with places such as Boston declaring public-health emergencies over the soaring flu cases that’s a definite on my to-do list.

–I’ll finish and mail out our family newsletter. If you would like to get one e-mailed to you, let me know.

–Streamline my drawers and maybe take some stuff to my storage unit.

–Read some of the magazines I’ve accumulated so I can get rid of them.

–Maybe catch a movie that isn’t animated or in 3-D.

–Oh yeah, I could sleep, huh?

Without all of the bus, subway and train stops I make going to and from Philadelphia, how will I ever rack up my points on Foursquare? Guess I’ll set up check-ins for spots around the apartment. Hmmm? Sharyn’s Cocina, Sharyn’s Quiet Place, Sharyn’s Rest Stop, Sharyn’s Centreville Palace. I’ll have all of those mayorships to wield my power.



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