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Helpful Hump Day II

As my Hump Day winds down (yes, a Tuesday), I wanted to be sure to do a quick note on helpful mobile apps to use, so that you can inform your vote for Election Day 2012 on Nov. 6.

–The New York Times’ Election 2012 app is a good place to start for campaign data and  poll numbers.

–The Electoral Vote Polls app helps track numbers for Senate and House elections

–RealClearPolitics app: The independent political Web site offers a great collection of information every day. It offers commentary and stories from various news sources, such as the New York Times, Politico, Wall Street Journal, Salon and USA TODAY. When you don’t want to have to refer to multiple news sources this is a good news aggregator.

–AP mobile app has great news alerts on every front.

–(and of course) USA TODAY’s app, backed up by USA TODAY’s spectacular political team, is another good one to download.

Please feel free to leave a comment and add to this list of political apps that you may use as we approach Election Day. I’m totally revved for it.

I also wanted to share this infographic, The Mobile Election, that has some very interesting stats below. For instance: 60 percent of smartphone users (and tablet users — I found from fact checking the graphic) would be willing to cast their vote through a mobile application,  1 in 4 people who are eligible to vote aren’t registered (GROWL!), AND Washington state not only has a Facebook app for voter registration, it processed 475,000 voter registrations online (GO EVERGREEN STATE!).

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